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For 15 years GOEV has been designing interiors with personality and style. Experience taught us the value of beings proactive and always one step ahead of market demands. Our trademark is offering services that improve the promotion of our projects and fully satisfy the user. GOEV Studio invests its own funds in properties of architectural value, carries out comprehensive interior design projects, and presents its clients with the completely ready-for-use property that they can move into the very same day.

When you buy a property, you get the opportunity to move into it the very same day!

The August client
The starting point in the planning stage is the client target group. Most of the customers that are interested in our furnished real estate properties are, what we call, the August clients. These, for example, are foreign families who are looking for a place to live during their stay in Bulgaria or plan to permanently move here. The typical August client is looking for a profitable long-term investment, free from unpredictable risks. During our communication, they get acquainted with the parameters and realise its advantages. Buying and furnishing a property are long and tiresome processes, involving choosing materials and suppliers, performing inspections and wrestling with bureaucracy – all requiring the personal presence and participation of the client. GOEV Studio can save you all of these procedures, offering you the closest possible to your preferences property, completely furnished to the last detail and ready-to-use; you receive the keys the very same day you make the purchase. And the price for the property would still be several times more favourable than that of a similar one on the European market.

Planning a real estate investment? GOEV Studio is your partner for the location selection of, cost planning, project design and implementation.

Designing highly esthetical and functional interiors is what we do. The Studio implements projects, competitive to the most up-to-date middle- and high-class properties. Our many years of experience have refined our skills in evaluating the architectural value, the advantages and potential of a property. The numerous projects carried out have made our analyses more accurate and detailed. We recognise and understand the needs and preferences of the widest range of users.

Interior design, combined with the financial culture we have developed over the years, allow us to turn our ideas into reality. The comprehensive implementation of interior design, planning and control at all stages of execution, is what sets us apart. GOEV Studio appreciates the importance for the client of proper financial reasoning behind an investment. Our services are targeted at people who are looking for long-term low-risk investment opportunities in real estate with high potential.

Everything begins with choosing the proper location. After finding one with architectural and investment potential, we buy and renovate, or start from carcass, implementing the interior design solutions as early as possible. Starting from carcass/rough construction eliminates the disadvantages of the building and maximizes functional advantages. If we start from renovation, we design new and improve the existing spaces. The financial framework, the terms for design and implementation are carefully pre-planned, and each stage passes strict control. 

We present a fully completed and furnished property – from the first brick of the building to the cutlery in the dining room.


Introducing our latest project that illustrates our competence.
The apartment was built in 2019. It was purchased, designed, constructed and furnished by GOEV Studio. An important step in the planning of this project was the choice of location and construction company. Work began as early as the rough construction/carcass stage, during which we became acquainted with the architectural advantages of the building, and identified and eliminated some shortcomings of the structure.
The overall design provides large spaces for the functional premises at the expense of corridors and common spaces. The living room and the kitchen are separated in zones for maximum experience satisfaction, and the bedroom – with its dedicated pass-through bathroom and toilet – creates conditions for comfortable privacy.
The pursuit of a large bathroom, connected to the bedroom, was further augmented by the building plan and some legal considerations. This also led to the decision to place the shower cubicle between the bedroom and the toilet, providing access to it from both places. The apartment has a separate small functional home office.
The interior is designed in warm and cold spectres with glass details, and the focus is on the gold-copper shades. The areas and finishes that are more heavily used are made of granite and marble. The front door is carefully selected high-end Italian DIERRE. The interior doors are made up to the ceiling, in combination with the wallcoverings, decorated with Italian veneer, leather, caoutchouc wallpaper and gold profiles. The bright lights of the built-in illumination and spotlights emphasize the various shades and the glass panels, creating a glow and a sense of luxury. The furniture is made by individual design from high-quality materials: Italian veneer, painted MDF, granite and leather. The bedroom embodies the classic notion of cosiness – soundproofing upholstered and veneered walls, built-in cabinet/dressing table with a secret cache, a glass closet, providing maximum privacy.
The kitchen can become the heart of the home, with its comprehensive high-performance kitchen and household equipment. Highly energy-efficient semi-professional appliances of leading brands were selected. Part of the equipment includes a built-in GROHE water purification system, a LIEBHERR refrigerator, a VIESMAN gas boiler, a BOSCH oven, microwave, dishwasher and water boiler, a WHIRLPOOL washing machine and a dryer. All kitchen cabinets have BLUM electrical controls. There is also a luxury showcase for wine and other alcoholic beverages.
The zoning of the apartment into functional areas aims to provide complete comfort to the inhabitants. In addition, we have built in a Schneider Electric intelligent “Smart Home Automation” system that controls the lighting with pre-programed scenarios in the entire apartment, for a variety of sensations and moods, with the option to customize lighting scenes of your choice. VIESMAN / FUJITSU heating and cooling appliances, access control to the front door, garage and video intercom are also regulated through the Smart Home Automation.

Your living standard is determined by your living environment.

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