Gencho Goev is one of the most recognizable names in Bulgarian interior design in. From childhood he was very interested in fine arts, and his education at the iconic National High School for Applied Arts in Tryavna gave him the opportunity to master the work with actual matter and three-dimensional objects – during this period he developed his talent in plastic and carving. This evolved his interest towards industrial design, studying it in-depth and gaining even more diverse knowledge. As a true professional looking for perfection and completeness in his work, he continues to enrich his competence and studied the intricacies of finance and economics; these he successfully applies in his work in the fields of real estate and interiors. The resulting harmonious combination of skills and diverse experience is the perfect foundation for a complete and versatile interior designer.

Gencho Goev began his career in 2004, founding the GOEV Design Studio, which quickly attracted and kept the attention of consumers and critics, and won numerous competitions and awards.

He is co-founder and, since 2015, majority owner of the National Platform for Interior and Product Design Dibla. The dynamic development of the Platform and its transformation into the best and most sought-after environment for exchanging ideas and creating incentives for the entire interior industry let Gencho Goev to naturally emerge as a leader in the design community in Bulgaria. Thanks to his proven talent, uncompromising professionalism, entrepreneurial flair and strong personal charisma, Gencho was been able to bring together over 950 designers, who became members of the Platform.

Today, he is not only one of the most recognizable individuals in the guild, but also an authority for the companies serving the industry. He is often sought after for mediation, research and surveys, as well as as a lecturer on various topics in the field of interior design and related topics.

In 2004, Gencho Goev set up the GOEV Studio, shortly thereafter creating the Goev trademark. The Studio pays special attention to the pursuit of corporate identity – Goev's projects emphasize the character of the company in question, adapting to its style and spirit.

Goev's approach to each particular project is strictly individual, based on proven sustainable work patterns and administrative principles. The studio provides its customers with highly efficient designs, tailored to their specific needs and capabilities, at optimized costs.

In its work, the Studio relies on a comprehensive approach that includes professional budgeting, selection of materials and contractors, organization of delivery and work processes, management and supervision of execution. Goev Studio stands behind the quality of the projects and their implementation with by assuming financial and material responsibility for their application.

All this makes Goev the preferred and most suitable partner in the creation of corporate and public facilities; these are the focus of the Studio’s activities since 2010. Leading Bulgarian and international brands have entrusted the design and making of their offices, shops and showrooms to Goev. For them the Studio has created and executes over 350 projects, of which nearly 120 are large international companies’ commercial sites. In the face of Goev, they discover the potential of a long-term trusted partnership, someone who is able to properly read and convey their corporate message, and make their business uniquely recognizable.



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